EMC Security

High-Tech Protection for Your Business and Employees

The right security system can help keep your employees safe; prevent theft; and notify police and fire departments of emergencies. The obvious presence of alarms, video surveillance and access control systems that limit access can effectively deter intruders.

Video surveillance systems

Technology offers more and better ways to help make your business secure. Video surveillance systems offer a more useful and reliable way to record intruders and track employee activities. There are no tapes to change, and it's easy to find incidents that occurred at specific times. The video can be stored on your network and accessed at any time from your desk or anywhere with internet service.

Emergency Buttons

Emergency buttons give your employees the ability to instantly and discreetly notify the alarm-monitoring center of a crime or medical emergency in process.

Access Control

Access control systems help protect your property and your employees. They can limit access to sensitive areas and let you know how many employees are in the building in case of emergency.

Secure Path Technology

Cellular transmitters can ensure the reliability of your alarm system even when your phone lines are out or let you connect with a monitoring center even if you don't use a landline system. The technology also opens up new options like controlling your system from a smartphone, tablet or PC. 

Monitoring & Custom Systems

EMC Security offers monitoring and a variety of state-of-the-art security systems tailored to your needs. Call 770-963-0305 or visit www.emcsecurity.com for a free consultation on your business' security needs.