Plan for Fire Safety

Fire is the most common business disaster, and planning for fire can save lives and property.

Photo of a fire extinguisher.During the stress of an emergency, people are more likely to get out of a building safely if they have practiced what to do ahead of time.

Create a Plan

  • Identify which employees will shut down critical operations, if possible, and determine how they will leave the building.
  • Distribute evacuation procedures and post copies of building maps with emergency routes and exits clearly marked.
  • Provide an alarm system with voice communication or a distinctive alarm and make sure employees recognize the signal to leave the building.
  • Designate an assembly site and check off employees' names from a written roster.
  • Conduct employee training, exercises and drills on a regular basis.
  • If you have portable fire extinguishers available, make sure there are employees trained in their use.

Electrical Fires

  • Call the fire department. Be sure to specify that it's an electrical fire.
  • Shut off the main breaker, if possible.
  • Do not use water on an electrical fire. Use a class-C or multi-purpose ABC fire extinguisher. The extinguisher should be clearly marked, but if you aren't certain what type it is, don't use it.