Outdoor Lighting

Jackson EMC offers businesses a complete selection of poles and fixtures. Get that important extra measure of safety and security for your business with Jackson EMC outdoor lighting.

We offer a complete selection of poles and fixtures in both traditional and contemporary designs for commercial and industrial properties that will enhance the landscaping and safety of your surroundings. One flat monthly fee covers the fixtures, automatically controlled lamp, energy usage and maintenance. All lighting remains the property of Jackson EMC throughout the duration of the lease.

Included in our outdoor lighting program are:

  • Lighting fixtures and poles in many designs and configurations.
  • Conductors, controls and accessories.
  • Installation by Jackson EMC in the locations of your choice.
  • Maintenance of all components.

Lighting Poles

  • Fiberglass poles
  • Cement Poles
  • Anodized Aluminum Poles

Lighting fixtures

Lamp TypeFixtureWattageMonthly RateDescription and Specifications
High Pressure SodiumRoadway100$19.75250 Roadway Luminaire
  150$22.50250 Roadway Luminaire
  250$26.50400 Roadway Luminaire
 Directional Flood150$25.00PF-154TM Powerflood® Floodlight
  250$28.50PF-400® Powerflood® Floodlight
  400$32.50PF-400® Powerflood® Floodlight
 Shoebox250$30.75Shoebox 400 Luminaire
  1000$61.75Shoebox Luminaire
Metal HalideDirectional Flood400$34.25PF-400® Powerflood® Floodlight
 Shoebox150$32.25Shoebox Luminaire
LEDRoadway100 Equal$19.75100 Equal Roadway
  250 Equal$26.50250 Equal Roadway
  400 Equal$34.25400 Equal Roadway
 Flood400 Equal$35.25400 Equal Flood
  1000 Equal$55.501000 Equal Flood
 Shoebox400 Equal$38.25400 Equal Shoebox
  1000 Equal$63.501000 Equal Shoebox