Develop an Energy Management Plan

An effective energy management plan can reduce costs and increase profitability for any business, often for little initial cost.

A formal written energy management plan offers a way to judge the effectiveness of energy-saving efforts and assigns specific energy-use responsibilities.

How to start

Start by analyzing your company’s current use. Then identify energy-saving opportunities with an energy audit that identifies potential energy savings and estimates the approximate cost and payback period for energy-efficiency improvements.


Jackson EMC can assist you with your energy audit with services ranging from a simple walk-through of your facility to a detailed investigation aided by onsite monitoring, process evaluation and computer analysis. Our experts can also help with energy management systems; ways to reduce heating, cooling and lighting costs; and new technologies to make your processes more efficient.

With the right plan, you can make cost-effective investments in energy efficiency that can pay off for years to come. For more information, see the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management and contact your Jackson EMC business development manager.