Load Management Rate

Making the Load Management Rate Work for You

The Load Management Service rate gives commercial and industrial customers with large electricity demands the opportunity to reduce their electricity costs in return for helping Jackson EMC reduce its peak electrical demand.

If we save, you save

The amount Jackson EMC pays for power is based partly on the average of the five highest hourly electrical demands set during the previous summer. If we can reduce our peak demand during the times of the highest energy use, our cost for electricity is less throughout the year. As a cooperative, if we save, you save.

Is it Customers that can help Jackson EMC reduce its peak electrical demand by either switching loads off or using on-site generation can qualify for a reduced rate. There is a catch, though. Load management customers that does not reduce load during load management hours will pay more.

Other Options

We also have a School Load Management (SLMS) rate that includes load management provisions.

If you would like to know how load management might affect your bottom line, contact your Jackson EMC C&I representative.