Employment Information

Jackson EMC is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. Jackson EMC takes pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer and affirms our commitment to comply with all federal and state laws, regulations and executive orders concerning affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. (See Jackson EMC's Statement of Nondiscrimination). To this end, all positions opened to the outside are also posted with the Georgia Department of Labor Web site.

When a job becomes available at Jackson EMC, an announcement of the vacancy is posted on the company bulletin boards for five working days. These notices describe the position opening, location, position description and job specifications. This practice gives our current employees first chance at applying for the position. Our policy is to promote from within whenever possible. If there are no internal applicants for the position or if the position requires a specific education level, knowledge, skills or abilities that are not available inside the company, it may be necessary to seek candidates from outside the company.

Jackson EMC's policy is to formally accept outside applications for employment only when a job opening exists in the organization that has been opened for outside applicants. Outside applicants should read the information listed below for some company policies that may affect their eligibility for employment at Jackson EMC.

Nepotism Policy — It is the policy of Jackson EMC that the employment of relatives of any member of the Board of Directors or any Jackson EMC employee is not permissible. View the nepotism policy.

Residency Policy — There are certain jobs at Jackson EMC that have a residency requirement. For example, line crew personnel and certain other Engineering/Operations personnel are required to live within 25 miles of their assigned office location.

This residency requirement serves two main purposes. It helps insure that we give our customers the best possible service especially during periods of service interruption. This policy also encourages employees to live in the areas that we serve. This helps to promote involvement in community and civic activities, which is consistent with the spirit of our cooperative.

Education and Experience Requirements — Education requirements depend on the position. A high school diploma or equivalent is required for all positions at Jackson EMC.  Additional college or technical school training and/or degrees are required for many of our positions. These requirements, along with the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required for each position, are listed in the Job Specifications for each position.

Driver's Licenses — A valid driver's license is required for all positions. In addition, many positions require the employee to obtain and maintain a Commercial Driver's License.

Line Crew Applicants — Due to the unique nature of line work, applicants with little or no experience in line crew work may be hired through a temporary agency for a minimum of a 60-day evaluation period. During this time, prospective employees must successfully complete the Jackson EMC climbing school and demonstrate the ability to handle the rigorous essential functions of the line crew job. Jackson EMC supervisors will evaluate their progress and make a decision whether or not to recommend these persons for employment with Jackson EMC. As a condition of employment, persons hired for line crew positions understand that their progression will be in accordance with the Jackson EMC Lineman Training Program and that they must obtain a commercial driver's license within the time frame defined by the training program's operating procedure.

All offers of employment at Jackson EMC are conditional upon acceptable references and the passing of a pre-employment drug screen and post-offer physical exam.