About Jackson EMC

Jackson EMC is one of the nation's largest electric cooperatives.

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation, one of the largest electric cooperatives in Georgia and the nation, is headquartered 50 miles northeast of Atlanta in Jefferson, Ga. The cooperative serves more than 237,000 meters.

Map of Jackson EMC's Service Area

We have a strong market presence due to the reliable electric supply, personal customer service, high customer satisfaction and reasonable rates that we offer. Our ownership through Oglethorpe Power Corporation, in addition to strategic power contracts, gives us the ability to offer competitive rates.

Here are a few quick facts about Jackson EMC.

  • Jackson EMC is a not-for-profit electric cooperative
  • A portion of all "profits," or margins as we call them, are returned to our members annually.
  • In December 2020, we returned $13 million to members who received service in 1991, 1992, 1993 and/or 2019.
  • As of 2020, we have returned $160 million in margin refunds to our members since we first powered our lines in 1938.

Products and Services

  • Reliable, reasonably priced electricity.
  • Energy efficient home products and services.
  • Commercial and industrial power quality and energy efficiency services.
  • Commercial and residential security services through our EMC Security subsidiary.


  • Jackson EMC is the largest electric cooperative in Georgia.
  • In numbers of meters served, we are among the largest electric cooperatives in the United States.
  • We serve more than 215,800 residential and 23,300 commercial and industrial customers in 10 metro Atlanta and northeast Georgia counties.
  • Our membership is 90 percent residential and 10 percent commercial and industrial.
  • Our kilowatt-hour sales are 60 percent residential and 40 percent commercial and industrial.
  • Our revenue by member segment is 57 percent residential and 43 percent commercial and industrial.
  • We have 81 substations and more than 14,435 miles of energized wire.


  • Corporate offices are located in Jefferson, Ga.
  • District offices in Gainesville, Jefferson, Lawrenceville and Neese.
  • Engineering and Operations Centers in Lawrenceville, Jefferson and Oakwood.

Wholesale Power Supply

  • To ensure reliable power supplies, we work closely with our generation and transmission partners, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Systems Operation, Georgia Transmission Corporation and our national marketers to develop lower cost power reserves.


  • In the past 12 months, Jackson EMC's membership has grown by 4,600 residential meters and almost 400 new commercial/industrial meters.
  • Our plant assets are currently valued at $1.1 billion.
  • Peak demand in 2005 reached a gigawatt (1,000 megawatts) for the first time in our history, a record broken in January 2014 when we reached a peak demand of 1,293 megawatts.

Customer Service

  • We have experienced continuous improvement in our residential customer satisfaction rating since 1993, and currently have a 93 percent overall residential customer satisfaction rating.