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February, 2015 Ice Storm Response

Time:  3:12
On Feb. 16, a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain resulted in a severe ice event across Northeast Georgia. As trees and power lines started to come down, Jackson EMC workers responded...

Jackson EMC 2014 Annual Meeting

Time:  26:21
The business portion of the Jackson EMC 2014 Annual Member Meeting, held on September 18 at the Jackson EMC headquarters in Jefferson.

Before There Was Light

Time:  4:34
Find out about life in rural Northeast Georgia before Jackson EMC brought electricity to the homes and farms of the region.

HVAC Energy Tips

Time:  6:13
Save money and energy by properly maintaining your heating and cooling system.

Energy Efficient Water Heater Tips

Time:  7:45
Your water heater is one of the largest users or energy in your home. Find out how you can save with your existing water heater, or by installing a new one.

Lighting and Appliances

Time:  6:01
Take a look at energy efficiency advances in lighting and appliances that can impact your energy savings at home.

Knee Walls

Time:  4:12
Maintaining your thermal envelope means sealing any cracks where air could come in or out, saving on heating and cooling costs.

JEMC Junior Solar Sprint Race 2011

Time:  2:53
Junior Solar Sprint races held at Lanier Nationa Speedway. Middle schools from throughout JEMC's territory competed in Speed/Performance and Design categories.
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