Right Choice Sun Power Rebate Program

Solar Powered Homes & Water Heaters

Save on electricity costs every year with your own solar energy system!

Jackson EMC has supported energy efficiency through various programs and services including the use of reliable renewable energy technologies. As a way to encourage the adoption of these proven resources, we’re offering two rebate programs to help make solar powered systems more affordable to our members.

The technology for our Right Choice Sun Power Rebate Program (1) uses photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert light from the sun directly into electricity or (2) solar collectors to heat water using sunlight.

The benefits of these technologies include:

  • Clean, safe and renewable energy source.
  • Modular system that can grow with demand.
  • Conserves our natural resources.
  • Reduces the environmental impact of energy production.

Financial Incentives:

Solar Powered Home: A one-time rebate of $450 per kilowatt (kW) of DC installed, up to 10kW for members who qualify. 

Solar Water Heater: A one-time $500 rebate for members who qualify. 

Note: Programs are for residential applications only. Jackson EMC inspections and guidelines are for rebate purposes only. Proper installation and performance is the sole responsibility of the contractor and equipment manufacturer.

Before You Install...

Many factors may impact whether you qualify for our rebate program. Here are a few things to consider in advance.

  • You must be a Jackson EMC customer.
  • You must own the property.
  • If being built on the roof, ideally panels should face south.
  • The property must have minimal shading by trees, buildings and other structures.
  • Is the property free from deed restrictions on solar energy systems? Check with your  homeowners  association. If there are restrictions, you may be able to pursue an architectural review with your neighborhood association to amend the restrictions.
  • Your roof must be in good condition and able to support a solar system installation.
  • Do you have access to funds needed and is the payback period acceptable? See sample cost  projections at www.find-solar.org.

Find out more:

If you’re interested in Solar Power or would like more information, contact your local Jackson EMC office.

Lawrenceville Office (Gwinnett County)  770-963-6166
Gainesville Office (Hall & Lumpkin counties)  770-536-2415
Jefferson Office (Barrow, Banks & Jackson counties) 706-367-5281
Neese Office (Clarke, Franklin, Madison & Oglethorpe counties)  706-548-5362