Right Choice Homes Videos

Join TV host and home expert, Ty Pennington, as he demonstrates why a Jackson EMC Right Choice home is the best choice for you and your family.
Screen capture from the Right Choice Homes Intro video with Ty Pennington standing outside of a new home.


Ty Pennington talks about Jackson EMC's Right Choice Home Program and its benefits.

Screen capture from the Right Choice Homes: Plan Analysis & Enrollment Meeting video.

Plan Analysis & Enrollment Meeting

Learn how a team of experts studies the plans of your house to ensure all construction meets Right Choice standards.

Screen capture from the Right Choice Homes: Model Walk-Through video.

Model Walk-Through

Ty Pennington, shows the behind the wall construction detail required for the highest levels of comfort and energy efficiency possible.

Right Choice Homes: Pre-Insulation Inspection Video screen capture with Ty Pennington.

Pre-Insulation Inspection

Ty describes what happens during a Right Choice Pre-Insulation Inspection and why this step is essential.

Right Choice Homes: Final Inspection Video screen capture.

Final Inspection

Find out everything you need to know about the final inspection and the two valuable warranties that accompany every Right Choice home.