Schedule AM-06 — Residential Multi-Family Service


All qualified customers in the area served by the Cooperative.


For all domestic uses of a multi-family residential service when supplied through one meter. A multi-family residential service is defined as apartment, duplex, and condominium. Multi-family does not include single family, detached structures or manufactured homes.

Monthly Rate:

Winter Usage Months Summer Usage Months
Service Charge @ $13.00 per month Service Charge @ $13.00 per month
First 650 kWh @ 7.27¢ per kWh First 650 kWh @ 7.27¢ per kWh
Next 350 kWh @ 6.55¢ per kWh Next 350 kWh @ 10.67¢ per kWh
Over 1000 kWh @ 6.75¢ per kWh Over 1000 kWh @ 11.18¢ per kWh

Minimum Monthly Charge: $13.00

Wholesale Cost Adjustment:

The bill calculated at the above rates shall be increased or decreased subject to the provisions of the Cooperative's wholesale cost adjustment Schedule P.

Summer/Winter Billing Dates:

Winter: October - April
Summer: May - September

Terms of Payment:

If the account is not paid by the due date, a late fee in the amount specified in the Service Rules and Regulations may be added to the account. Further failure to pay a bill may subject a customer to disconnection and/or disconnection charges in accordance with the Cooperative's rules and regulations.

All charges are subject to applicable taxes.

Multiple Service:

Where two or more dwelling units are served through a single meter, all elements of this rate shall be multiplied by the number of dwelling units so served. The minimum monthly bill under this option shall be $13.00 times the number of dwelling units served.

Budget Billing:

The customer may elect, with Cooperative approval, the option of being rendered a budget bill which has the effect of leveling the customer's monthly bill amount.

Load Management Adjustment:

All customers participating in the Cooperative's Load Management Program are eligible to receive a credit on their bill. The amount of the monthly credit will be determined under the provisions of the Cooperative's Load Management Adjustment Rider (LM).

Senior Citizen - Low Income Assistance:

Qualifying customers certified by the Cooperative will be eligible for a $7.50 credit to be applied to the $13.00 service charge or minimum monthly charge.

To qualify, the customer must be 62 years of age or older with total household income of $14,355 or less per year, provided that the electric service is the customer's principal place of residence and is individually metered and in said customer's name.

Contract Period: One year.

Effective: January 1, 2014