The Right Choice for Builders

Why build Right Choice homes?

Increased Sales

  • Home buyers are looking for the most house for their money. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality are easy features to sell, particularly when buyers understand that they will save money each year they own their homes.

Reduced call-backs

  • Comfort and moisture problems are frequent causes of call-backs, which cost builders time and money. The Right Choice process helps ensure that the building envelope and the heating and cooling system are correctly planned and installed - and Jackson EMC guarantees comfort and energy efficiency.

Help your homes stand out

  • Right Choice is a symbol of energy-efficient construction - a great selling point as Americans focus on saving energy.
  • Participating in Right Choice shows your commitment to building quality homes.

Third-party guarantees of your building standards

  • Right Choice homes offer energy and comfort guarantees.
  • Right Choice homes are backed by Jackson EMC, a name people know and trust.

The Right Choice program offers builders:

  • Rebates from Jackson EMC
  • Reduced or free underground service
  • Third-party review of the size and design of HVAC systems
  • Training and support
  • Inspection and high-tech performance testing by trained technicians
  • State energy code RES-CHECK compliance certificate
  • A one-year comfort guarantee and a three-year energy usage guarantee