Win, Win Saving Paper

left to right, Phil Strickland, Oakwood service representative; Caroline Williamson, Oakwood district senior communications coordinator; Cindy Langman, Hall County Animal Shelter program coordinator; Kem Brawner, Oakwood warehouse clerk; along with Bailey, Labrador mix and Jessie, Blue heeler.

JacksonEMC’s Oakwood Operations team has found a clever way to recycle newspaper and support the Hall County Animal Shelter at the same time. 

Benny Bagwell, Oakwood district engineering & operations coordinator and longtime active member in the county and chamber, attended a monthly chamber meeting where the speaker discussed the Go Green Initiative.  Bagwell knew this was something his office could easily do, and support two causes at the same time.  

Service Representative Phil Strickland, with 8 year old Liliana Jimenz, Shelter Volunteer & Myers Elementary School student

Employees collect newspapers from home and the office.  Once they have a full load, Kem Brawner, Oakwood warehouse clerk, delivers them to the shelter, providing bedding for the animals while they’re temporarily housed at the shelter.  “This may not sound that important, but it provides needed supplies for the shelter and comfort for the animals” says Cindy Langman, Hall County Animal Shelter program coordinator.

“For us, this was a way we could recycle the papers we receive in office and at home, support community projects, help our county and provide aid to the 4-legged members of our homes and communities, without investing a lot of time and money,” says Bagwell. 

The Hall County Animal Shelter gives animals a temporary home, adoption assistance and certain medical services for the counties smallest residents.  The shelter has over 300 kennels that comfortably houses about 8,000 animals annually.

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