UGA Senior Project meets Real World Technology

UGA students Cristian Niculas and Seth Peavy with Jackson EMC Engineer Chris Garrish

Four University of Georgia (UGA) students recently spent their afternoon with Jackson EMC (JEMC) Operational representatives on their Senior Design class project, creating a software tool to aid in the design of electrical distribution lines.  A prototype will also be used by a local engineering firm. 

The seniors shared their project plans then sought guidance on their ideas and code procedures.  The JEMC representatives made comments and suggestions, then gave an overview on the path of electricity from a Systems Control point of view. 

The JEMC Operational team consisted of Dwayne Ansley, Director, Operations Services; Darrell Chaisson, System Control Supervisor; Tommy Parker, Senior Engineer; Chris Garrish, Engineer I; and Mike Brown, Engineer I.

“When it comes to designing and constructing distribution lines, there’s no simple universal guidelines to go by, as addressed in the NESC Codebook, so this was a project idea Jackson EMC supported,” says Ansley.  “Once the day’s program ended, it was safe to say that both groups learned from the experiences and ideas discussed.”   

In a follow-up email from project member and UGA student Stephen Tyus, the team expressed their appreciation of the time with the operational reps.  “We can’t thank you and the others enough for the visit.  The information you shared with us was invaluable, everyone went above and beyond what we expected for a tour and we’re thankful for the extraordinary measures you took and the experiences you shared with us.  Hearing the real-world view of distribution line design from practicing professionals guides our project efforts and provides the group with a needed boost to finish the semester strong,” Tyus wrote.