Supporting Sustainability

Employees at the Sustainability Summit

From left to right, Craig Roberts, Gwinnett District distribution engineer; Brittany Romig, commercial/industrial marketing engineer; and Todd Evans, Gwinnett District commercial/industrial marketing representative

Jackson EMC representatives Brittany Romig, Craig Roberts and Todd Evans recently joined other green industry leaders at the annual Gwinnett Sustainability Summit at the Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center in Buford. 
As part of the Gwinnett Chamber’s economic development initiative, this year’s summit featured business leaders, policy makers and industry professionals working together to explore sustainability practices, methods and technologies which may provide economic benefit and improve quality of life in Gwinnett County and metro Atlanta.     

“Electricity is all around us and is a part of our daily lives, yet there are responsible actions we can take in the corporate world to better control consumption, while maintaining standard business practices,” said Brittany Romig, commercial/industrial marketing engineer. 

“Forums such as this give us the opportunity to build a business case for sustainability, while understanding the knowledge, strategies and changes needed for it in a corporate model, with an audience who’s interested in going and being green.”
Craig Roberts, Gwinnett District distribution engineer added, “We still require significant base load power from sources like fossil fuel and nuclear, but renewables can and will play an increasingly important role, with a mix of resources being the answer to sustainability.”

The three representatives set-up a booth at the summit showcasing some of Jackson EMC’s commercial/industrial informational and promotional materials.  “Jackson EMC sees summits, such as this, as an opportunity to stay involved in the communities we serve and showcase the services we offer,” said Todd Evans, Gwinnett District commercial/industrial marketing representative.