Playing It Safe around Electricity

Neese District Line Foreman Johnny Thomas with Ila Elementary School First graders

Neese District Line Foreman Johnny Thomas talked safe practices and hidden electrical dangers as he presented the Power Town safety presentation to 75 first graders at Ila Elementary School. Power Town is a tabletop model with low voltage energized overhead and underground lines that visually demonstrate the hazards posed by power lines.

He explained how linemen help the community by keeping the power on and restoring service after a storm.  These hands-on demonstrations educate the public, share safety information and create an overall awareness of the power industry.

Thomas said he was thrilled with the excited dialog and the number of questions the children asked about safety issues during the Power Town presentation.    

“Safety is priority one here at Jackson EMC and we want to be pro-active in bringing awareness of electrical safety, even starting at such a young age.  We commit our time and efforts for programs in the schools,” Thomas concluded.

Jackson EMC employees often participate in career fairs, show-and-tell days and safety demonstrations within the communities we serve. Contact your district Jackson EMC office if you’re interested in having a demonstration or send a request to

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