Helping Kids Be Safe

Gainesville District linemen Paul Eckstein and Junior Martinez shown with participants at Camp LifeSavers


Jackson EMC Gainesville District Linemen Paul Eckstein and Junior Martinez know the importance of safety around electrical lines, and jumped at the chance to share that information with Hall County children at Camp LifeSavers, a free, fun filled safety camp for youth ages 6-11.

The camp covered a variety of injury prevention subjects, offering hands-on demonstrations, arts, crafts and interactive activities. But while Eckstein and Martinez deal with power lines every day, they had to go through special training to be able to demonstrate Power Town, a tabletop model with low voltage energized overhead and underground lines that visually demonstrate the hazards posed by power lines.

Their presentation included a question and answer session, contests, challenges and a hands-on experience with lineman’s gloves and safety tools.

Paul and Junior said they were thrilled with the number of questions the children asked, as well as their excited dialog during the Power Town presentation.  The program was presented to 15 children at the East Hall Community Center and 23 children at the Mulberry Creek Community Center, both in Hall County.  

“Safety is priority one here at Jackson EMC.  We want our employees, as well as the general public to be safe, which is why we commit our employee’s time and efforts for programs such as Camp Lifesavers,” concludes Benny Bagwell, district coordinator of engineering and operations.

Camp LifeSavers is a collaboration between the Hall County Parks & Leisure Department and Hall County Fire Services.

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