Employees Fight For Babies

Jackson EMC, Ambassador Austin Gooch, Family & Friends 2012 March of Dimes team, including members from Corporate, Jefferson and Neese District Offices

Jackson EMC’s 2012 March of Dimes team exceeded all goals and expectations this year, due in part, to the hard work and dedication of the committee’s three co-chairs.  Barbara Gooch, corporate receptionist; Brittany Romig, commercial & industrial marketing engineer; and Anita Smith, customer service representative, divided the fundraising duties to lessen the workload on any one individual, alongside a team of employee volunteers. 

This year’s Barrow/Jackson County Ambassador family is Christopher, Amber and Austin Gooch, son, daughter-in-law and grandson of Barbara & Jim Gooch.  

“I think that knowing the Ambassador family was one of our very own struck a cord with our team and helped us to work even harder to raise money for such a wonderful cause and organization.  Without support from so many people, whether they’re buying or contributing, charitable organizations couldn't fulfill their missions,” says Romig.

The team raised campaign money when they sold blue jean/casual dress days, served up a biscuit breakfast and later did afternoon snacks.   At the walk, the team raffled off a Cory Smith autographed guitar, pushing them to $2,500 overall.  The next event is a cookout in October. 

For more details about the wide range of research, assistance and the March of Dimes funds, visit www.marchforbabies.org.