Celebrating the International Year of the Cooperative

Jackson EMC marketing representatives along with door prizes donated from cooperatives around the national. From left to right: Kay Parks, PR/Community Relations Rep; K.D. Bryant Graham, Sr. PR/Communications Rep; Mark Owen, PR/Communications Rep; and Crystal Baldwin, Marketing Secretary. Also in attendance but not pictured: Bonnie Jones, Director of PR/Communications and Christy Queen, Marketing Resources Specialist

Jackson EMC recently sponsored the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Women In Business (WIB) meeting to celebrate Cooperative Month and the United Nations General Assembly’s International Year of the Cooperative (IYC).

The IYC resolution recognizes the vital role cooperatives - democratically governed businesses that operate on an at-cost, not-for-profit basis-play in the economic and social well-being of nations around the globe.  The IYC 2012 offers an opportunity to showcase the ways the local, consumer—owned and member-controlled cooperative (co-op) form of business, benefits all lives and communities.

“We wanted WIB members to understand the role cooperatives play in various business sectors and gain an understanding of the importance of cooperatives in the overall economy” says Kay Parks, PR/community relations representative.  The program consisted of fun facts, a video about the history of cooperatives, an overview of Jackson EMC’s history and door prizes from cooperatives around the nation; all highlighting the significance of cooperatives in our daily lives. 

This year’s IYC theme is “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World.”  “We’re proud to be among the 30,000 cooperatives in the U.S. who provide more than two million jobs and generate $652 billion in annual sales,” adds K.D. Bryant Graham, senior PR/communications representative.