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The Power Behind the Switch The Power Behind the Switch 

2014 Annual Report 
Jackson EMC is responsible for ensuring the power is on when needed by 192,152 residential meters and 20,963 commercial/industrial meters. It's a 24/7 job that runs 365 days a year, through the nastiest weather and always with serious implications if safety measures aren't followed to the letter.

How is that done? What does it take to ensure a reliable supply of power to those who need it - some with critical requirements? By flipping the switches below as you go, you'll experience what it takes to keep the lights on. Start here to see how you'll manage your electric cooperative.

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People. Power. Progress. 
75 Years of Service 2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report 
Over the last 75 years, a journey of sorts has taken place. The course has always remained the same – provide reliable, reasonably priced electricity with quality customer service. But the passage has transformed a small, rural electric cooperative into one of the largest not-for-profit power providers in the entire nation. It involves people. It concerns power. It affects progress.

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Jackson EMC 2012 Annual Report

Year of the Cooperative

2012 Annual Report
If you follow the news, you’re bombarded with reports on the U.S. and world economy. Reports talk about shareholder value, return on investment and stock price, and focus on which company’s stock is doing well, which has lost money, and how it’s affecting your wallet and your 401k.

But there’s another seemingly invisible economic force in this country that the news seldom even mentions, even though it’s a major force in our economy.

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