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75 Years of Service 2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report 
Over the last 75 years, a journey of sorts has taken place. The course has always remained the same – provide reliable, reasonably priced electricity with quality customer service. But the passage has transformed a small, rural electric cooperative into one of the largest not-for-profit power providers in the entire nation. It involves people. It concerns power. It affects progress.

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Jackson EMC 2012 Annual Report

Year of the Cooperative

2012 Annual Report
If you follow the news, you’re bombarded with reports on the U.S. and world economy. Reports talk about shareholder value, return on investment and stock price, and focus on which company’s stock is doing well, which has lost money, and how it’s affecting your wallet and your 401k.

But there’s another seemingly invisible economic force in this country that the news seldom even mentions, even though it’s a major force in our economy.

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Annual Report Cover Jackson EMC 2011Stepping Up: Adjusting to a New Normal

2011 Annual Report
Like many other companies across America, our business has been changed by our country’s great recession.

Learn how we are stepping up and adjusting to a new normal in our 2011 Annual Report.

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Our Job is Member SatisfactionJackson EMC 2010 Annual Report Cover

2010 Annual Report
Almost any company can provide electricity; but it takes a special kind of company to satisfy its customers or, in our case, members. Our heritage and the fact that we were started by and continue to be owned by the people we serve makes the difference.

It created a focus in this organization that has stuck with us and gotten handed down from early employees to new hires. And it’s that focus which generates member satisfaction.

Learn more in our 2010 Annual Report.

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Weathering the StormJackson EMC Annual Report 2009

2009 Annual Report
Our challenge this year has been weathering storms on a wide variety of fronts. Whether it was the heavy weather of recession, which drove down membership and the sale of electricity; or the gathering cloud of proposed new energy legislation, which threatens to skyrocket power bills; or the real sort created by Mother Nature, which may have been the quickest and easiest of all to handle.

Through it all, Jackson EMC’s senior management, its board of directors and its employees steered a steady course with the determination they have always had - providing our members with the best service possible and ensuring them reliable electricity at a reasonable price.

Learn more in our 2009 Annual Report.

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Keeping the Lights OnJackson EMC Annual Report  Cover 2008

2008 Annual Report
This year’s annual report tells the story of the work we do every day to keep our members’ lights on — planning our distribution system to reliably handle the demand for electricity; maintaining our system so the possibility of outages is minimized; responding when the unforeseen happens. All so the homes and businesses we serve have the electricity they need when it’s needed.

And while those activities are vital, there’s another component to keeping the lights on — making certain that we will always have a sufficient supply of electricity to meet our members’ needs as the communities we serve grow and develop.

Read about these and other achievements in our 2008 Annual Report.

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