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  • Bright Ideas

    Bright Ideas

    We delivered $50,000 in Bright Ideas grants to local middle school classrooms. Learn more.

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Jackson EMC employees delivered big checks into 34 middle school classrooms in 20 schools with $50,000 in grant money from the Bright Ideas program throughout the month of October. read more

Latest News

Scam Alert: Spoofing Calls on the Rise

Jackson EMC has received multiple reports of members receiving phone calls from scammers claiming to be from their power company and urging immediate payment for power bills. read more

JEMC Releases Pike Crew Bound for Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico continues to recover from a devastating hurricane that knocked out power to nearly the whole island, a Pike crew normally assigned to Jackson EMC is headed that way to help rebuild. read more

‘Thank a Lineman’ License Plate Now Available for Georgia Motorists

Georgians can show support and appreciation for Jackson EMC linemen and other utility line crews through the purchase of the state’s first “Thank a Lineman” vehicle license plate. read more