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  • Bright Ideas

    Bright Ideas

    We delivered $50,000 in Bright Ideas grants to local middle school classrooms. Learn more.

Ease Household Budget Planning

Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Need to know exactly how much your electric bill will cost each month? With Jackson EMC’s budget billing program, you pay the same amount each month. read more

Latest News

Jackson EMC Returns $9 Million in Margin Refunds

Approximately 211,000 Jackson EMC members will receive a check in the mail this month. Both members and former members will receive their share of a total $9 million in margin refunds in December. read more

Jackson EMC Seeking Applicants for $1,000 Scholarship Opportunity

Jackson EMC is accepting applications for the annual Walter Harrison Scholarship, which provides $1,000 for academic expenses to students pursuing post-secondary education at Georgia colleges and technical schools. read more